3 Free Places to Workout in every Town


Getting enough physical activity every day is one of the basic building blocks of leading a healthy lifestyle. It is generally recommended that adults should aim to get about 30 minutes of exercise per day, as a basic rule.

Many people are intimidated by the gym, or they’re put off by costly enrollment and membership fees. The good news is that, no matter what town you live in, there are plenty of places where you can work out for free. You’ll get to experience the unique ambiance of your community and increase your health and fitness level – all for free!

City Parks

One of the most enjoyable places to workout at is your local park. Aside form plenty of open space in which to run to run or walk for aerobic exercise, the playground equipment and other park amenities can be great tools to use in order to engage in strength and flexibility exercises. Consider the following:

  • Use monkey bars for pull-ups
  • Use a park bench for planks and push-ups
  • Use swings as a base for balancing exercises to increase stability and core strength

The open space of a park is also a great place to gather a grass-roots, neighborhood based exercise group like yoga or tai-chi.

Your Own Street

To get a great workout, all you need to do is strap on a pair of sturdy sneakers and head right out of your own front door. Whether you decide to go for a brisk walk with Fido or take a jog around the block, this is the easiest way to get a workout. A recent study found that people who engaged in moderate walking or running on a daily basis were 10-15 percent less likely to die from a heart attack, so don’t discount how powerful a daily walk around the neighborhood can be in terms of maintaining your health.

Your Own Home

If you have a jam-packed schedule or just find it inconvenient to schedule a trip out of the house to exercise, why even leave your living room? The internet has brought the power of personal training advice to anyone with a computer, and taking advantage of thousands of exercise videos is a fun and free way to get professional fitness assistance.

YouTube provides countless exercise videos, and a quick search can provide access to thousands of exercise and diet plans. Regardless of your fitness level and time constraints, you’ll be empowered to find a fitness plan that works conveniently into your lifestyle. The variety of exercises also prevents boredom and burnout, so why not make your home your own personal gym?

Many people find that liberating themselves from the fees and expectations of a gym membership enhances their positive attitude towards physical fitness. With just a small amount of ingenuity and a lot of dedication to your health, working out for free in any town can be easy and enjoyable!