4 Best Makeup Tricks for Winter


With winter slowly setting in, we are all privy to the fact that the sun kissed glow of our skin for the summer is beginning to dull. Women look to keep their faces fresh when the sun turns to snow, and protect skin from harsh winter winds and cold temperatures. Here are four of the best makeup tips for winter.

1. Contour Face Makeup

The Huffington Post suggests using several makeup tricks during the winter months, including learning how to contour foundation. In order to do successful contouring on the face, apply liquid foundation in a circular motion. This creates a fluid airbrushed look. Next, use a bronzer to shape the face around the cheekbones and jawline. Lastly, add a small amount of highlighter on the cheekbone area as well as a bit of blush on the apples of the cheeks. This will create a contour look that will make your face look fresh during the winter.

2. Use Oil Free Moisturizer First

One of the most important things to remember to include in a beauty regimen in the winter is moisturizing the skin. Doing this will ensure that skin stays beautiful and it does not dry out with the cold. When skin gets dry, it is hard to cover up imperfections. Start off a makeup routine with an oil free moisturizer underneath makeup to keep the face healthy. Women’s Health suggests that all face moisturizers that are used have SPF, because the winter sun is just as strong as the summer sun when it comes to damaging rays.

3. Reduce Redness

Icy cold and strong wind can make skin inflamed, causing your face to be red and unsightly. Unfortunately, this can show through typical foundation that is skin colored. Prevent this by using a green-tinted moisturizer. The green will combat and overcome the red, keeping your face looking the normal color that it is. If the redness is only in patchy areas, just use a color-correcting concealer in the spots that are needed. Even look for moisturizers with calming ingredients such a hydrocortisone. This will help any makeup applied to look more natural.

4. Tear-Proof Makeup

The winter can be harsh on a fresh face of makeup. Oftentimes when a cold wind comes, it will make your eyes water, wreaking havoc on your morning makeup work. Cold winds, as well as sleet and snow can do a lot of harm to makeup. Combat these makeup smudges by using waterproof mascara. This will keep any winter wind tears from running down your face, leaving a black line in their path. Also, skipping the bottom eyeliner and only using eyeliner and shadow on the top lids reduce the risk of a makeup meltdown.

As long as your skin is moisturized and your makeup is set, you can stand a strong chance against winter weather. As always, continue to drink lots of water in the winter to hydrate the body from within as well.