4 Essential Clothing Items You Need This Winter


The cold weather is fast approaching, and it is time to take stock of your winter wardrobe. Staying warm and dry is your highest priority, with being fashionable and chic a close second. If you plan on adding any type of apparel or footwear to your apparel selections, four basic items that every woman should have and wear often include:

As soon as the first day of fall rolls around, your boots should come out of the closet. Tall, over-the-knee, short, heeled, flat, military-style, construction-style, Wellingtons, and more are all excellent choices. If it is in your budget, real leather is always a great choice. And boots are not just for show. If you live in a cold climate, you know just how essential these footwear basics are. Gray is the new color of the season. These boots looks great with both pastels and dark clothing items. Basic brown and black styles should always be a wardrobe staple, as they go with just about anything you pull from your closet. Dress down when you wear them with ripped jeans, and dress them up when you don tights, a form-fitting dress, and a long fur-lined coat.

A Short Jacket or Coat
Outerwear is the number one cold deterrent of your entire wardrobe. Short jackets and coats are in, and these can include pea coats, puffy jackets, military style, and leather jackets. Purchase more than one or two to add variety to your style choices. They look fantastic with skinny jeans, skirts, and leggings, as well as boots and chunky shoes. Add matching gloves and scarves for even more impact.

The biggest and best invention since blue jeans are leggings. Available in so many styles and colors, they are a fashion staple that you just cannot live without. They look wonderful under short and longer dresses, tunics, and long sweaters. Fleece-lined leggings will keep you the warmest and will look great tucked into long or short boots. Layer them under jeans for extra warmth when romping in the snow and cold.

Tunic Sweaters
The perfect clothing item to accompany leggings and skinny jeans are the longer tops that are so chic and comfortable in this year’s styles. These can consist of sweater-types, T-shirt styles, and casual knit items. Colorful choices will really make your wardrobe pop, and basics such as dark gray, tan, black, and off-white are perfect for a more traditional look.

Adding these essentials to your closet will have your clothing selections updated in no time at all. You will also stay cozy and comfortable throughout the winter season. Becoming a cold-weather fashion statement has never been so fun and easy. Get together with your friends and head out to the closest mall to find the latest styles in all of these distinctive items.