4 Ideas for Using Candles as a Part of a Gift for Teachers

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Teachers spent a lot of time with your children, they see the good, bad, and ugly. When the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Week come around you know that they deserve a thoughtful gift as a ‘thank you’ for all that they do. Candles are a well-loved gift that comes in a wide variety of scents, styles, shapes, and colors. Check out these four simple yet wonderful gift ideas.

Spa Basket
Teaching is undoubtedly a stressful profession. Offer your children’s teachers a relaxing spa gift basket. You can add an aromatherapy candle to help them unwind. Then consider adding soap, lotion, slippers, or even a bathrobe. The basket can be as small or large as you want it. After selecting the basket contents simply line the bottom of the basket with tissue paper, shredded crinkle paper, or excelsior (looks like shaved wood) all of which can be found in the craft section in stores or online.

Festive Candle Decorations
Instead of trying to give many small items, you can get one larger jar candle and make it look like a holiday character. It is a good excuse to get creative and show some holiday spirit. For a snowman, purchase a white candle then paint or glue on eyes and draw on a carrot nose then coal mouth. Next, cut a strip of fabric, fringe the ends, and tie it around the neck as a scarf. Finally, glue two or three buttons on to finish the project. Santa Claus, elves, Rudolf, or gingerbread can all be made in the same fashion with adjustment made for their outfit, candle color, or accessories.

Personalized Gift Bag
There is a lot that can be done with just a bit of paint. Purchase a blank canvas bag and glass candle. You can use a stencil or freehand the writing of their name both on the bag and candle using acrylic paint. This simple yet thoughtful gift is both fun and practical.

DIY Gardening Kit
Perhaps your child’s teacher has a green thumb, or you want to do something different. Flower, fruit, and vegetable seeds can be placed in a planting pot along with a scented candle and trowel for a unique gift option. Finish by wrapping a ribbon around the pot for added appeal.

Whether it is holiday time or another special time of the school year when you want t give your child’s teacher a gift to show appreciation. Candles are popular with pretty much everyone. They are versatile, smell lovely, and look great. Combining a candle with other options creates an ideal and practical gift. Add personalization, decorations, and appealing packaging to complete the gift’s appearance.