4 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor about Marijuana

Doctor holding capsules and cannabis

Medical marijuana is an option that shows a great deal of promise treating numerous illnesses and medical conditions. Discussing different options and various treatment resources and alternatives with a qualified healthcare provider can be an important step in the process. Each of the following four tips can help to ensure that patients are able to get the most benefit out of any conversation they may be planning to have with their doctor, physician or provider.

1. Do Plenty of Research Ahead of Time

Possessing greater insight on the subject means that patients will be able to take a more active role in determining the best course of treatment. Being able to answer any questions that may arise during an initial conversation or knowing enough to ask the right questions helps to make sure discussions are able to be as productive as possible. Learning more about the ways marijuana may be used to treat or manage their health condition can allow patients to derive greater benefit from any conversation.

2. Be Open and Honest With Your Healthcare Provider

Sharing details regarding past usage or possessing the vocabulary needed to discuss the effects of current treatment efforts may be an important concern when it comes time to discuss the subject. Withholding information or being unable or unwilling to share details regarding both past and current use and habits could quickly become a major liability.

3. Results May Differ From Patient to Patient

Medical marijuana is still a relatively new concept, and a great deal of research is still required in order to determine its validity and usefulness regarding the treatment of certain conditions. Results can often vary a great deal from one patient to the next and those who may be considered incorporating medical marijuana into their existing treatment efforts may not always be provided with results that are consistent or predictable. Establishing the right relationship and rapport with a physician may be very helpful, especially for patients who may require multiple discussions, frequent visits or ongoing changes to their treatment methods or plan of care.

4. Be Prepared for a Little Trial and Error 

Finding the right dose, ensuring that patients are able to show positive results from a treatment and making certain that any medications are able to be used safely in concert together often requires a little trial and error. Fine-tuning the treatment process can go a long way towards ensuring patients are able to enjoy superior results. For those who may be interested in using medical marijuana in order to manage or treat their condition, learning how to discuss their options with a doctor can often be one of the most important steps in the process.