4 Unique Ideas for a Bachelor Trip


You’re friend is getting married, and now is the time to plan the famous Bachelor Trip. You are excited, but you are nervous about what you should plan. After all, this is an important event for you and your friends.

Of course, there are classic examples of Bachelor Trips like expensive hotels in Las Vegas or a weekend in Atlantic City. You should try to do something different though. You want everyone to remember this trip you did together. The following are four unique ideas for your Bachelor Trip.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is an ancient and masculine endeavor. Man has searched the oceans for food for thousands of years. You and your friends could join the ranks of the great fishermen of years ago.

You can book a captain and a fishing trip out of most major fishing ports. You can get a skilled professional to guide you to catching enviable and awesome fish. The beer is always available on fishing boats too.

Check Out Burning Man

Looking for something more social? You may consider a festival then. Burning Man is perhaps one of the most famous festivals in North America.

Located in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, the Burning Man festival is incredibly unique. Among many things, the festival has music, games and a noteworthy style. You and your friends will remember Burning Man for years.

Book a Cruise

Looking for something easy? You may want to book a cruise then. Surprisingly affordable and infinitely fun, cruises are a great choice for a Bachelor Trip.

A cruise is a nice way to travel because all of your needs are provided for you. You have lodging, tons of food, and of course alcohol. Most cruises have a variety of excursions when the boat docks at different ports. Otherwise, you can just relax and drink margartitas with your friends on the boat.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Do you want a challenge for you and your friends? How about an epic journey through the mountains of the eastern United States? You may consider a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail then.

The Appalachian Trail is a backpacking trail that runs from the state of Georgia to the state of Maine. While it is a famous trail in hiking communities, there are many things you may not know about it. You and your friends could join an elite group of hikers who have made the entire journey.

A Bachelor Trip should be a memorable and awesome time in a man’s life. You should get started today planning this journey for you and your friends. Consider this list to help you plan a unique Bachelor Trip you will always remember.