5 Best T-Shirt Designs

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Amazing T-Shirt Designs
T-shirt designs often make the difference between a boring, solid color shirt and a shirt that is the talk of the town. There have been many different kinds of designs – from the simple chevron tee to one with a legitimate picture on the front. These have been best sellers at some point in history.

Among the best is one tee shirt that is light blue in the background, with a man spilling his intestines. This tee shirt offers a hilariously gruesome picture for those who are bored with more abstract pictures. A pile of intestinal mass is in the background behind the man, but man is it a little funny.

For someone with a truly twisted sense of humor, the Guess Who shirt by Budi Satria Kwan is just right. Featuring a grim reaper and an older person, this is not one to be worn to your grandmother’s house. However, the humor will not go over a classmate’s head, and someone will surely crack up at this funny tee.

If photography is your thing, Alex Solis’ Nature Photography shirt is just right. With a monarch butterfly and a camera covered in vines, the shirt has a natural riff on the concept of nature photography. For the punny person or the one who enjoys a good joke, this interesting shirt is the thing. It does fit to curves a little bit, but there’s no doubt it’s funny.

Any fan of the Beatles has seen the iconic shirt that has the band walking across the cross walk. For a riff on that, The Beetles shirt by Alex Solis is for you. This tee shirt is definitely a best seller – after all, who doesn’t love the pun? Four different kinds of beetles (or Beatles), and a city in the background create the fun shirt. No joke about it, the nature is strong with this designer, and oh my goodness the shirt sells well.

For another shirt with a pun, have a Fish Tank! Cameron McEwan’s shirt features a transparent military tank. The cannon arm is open, but what’s inside will shock you silly. A goldfish resides in this tank! A pun is always appreciated by nerds, but this one will have people slapping their water and saying it’s too funny. Be careful – this could become distracting, in a very good way.

We’ve all heard the saying “it’ll cost an arm and a leg”, right? The Costs an Arm & a Legshirt definitely had that saying in mind. The dollar sign features a hand at one end and a foot at the other, and it has quite a different feel to it than other shirts. Such a pun will not go unappreciated, and will be felt by everyone. After all, everyone has had something they have felt has “cost an arm and a leg”.

The most iconic tee shirt design, however, is the famous I Heart NY. This fun little design has given the world a run for its money, after many years. But no matter the design, a tee shirt is always fun.