5 Reasons to Start a Direct Mail Business Campaign

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With the highly penetrated use and advanced capabilities of email and other digital marketing platforms such as social media and video, marketers may wonder if it’s still necessary to add direct mailing to their marketing strategy. Some even wonder if the cost of incorporation is worth it. However, direct mail is indeed worth it if a marketer integrates it with other online channels strategically. The following are five reasons why direct mail is still a relevant and useful tool for nurturing leads and demand generation.


Promote Accountability


Direct mail equips marketers with the ability to track the success of their marketing efforts. Marketers can use it to count inquiries generated, visits to the landing page, and the number of redeemed coupons. The ability to analyze and track results enable a marketer to spot strategies that aren’t working so that they can make necessary changes.


Target the Right People


The success of a marketing strategy hinges on the ability to send the right message to the right target segment. With direct mails, marketers can send a personal message to their valuable recipients. You can either purchase a mail list by selecting a specific consumer crown, demographic group, or geographic target or even use your email list. The fact that a marketer can personalize their message makes direct mailing even more effective than other online channels. Direct mails also let a marketer add that personal touch to their letter by attaching the address of the recipient to the mail. Prospects are more likely to respond to an email or special offer that promises to address their concerns. Direct mail also let a marketer choose who to send letters. In short, it is more targeted and focused on individuals who are more likely to respond.




Direct mails can take any form, and marketers can use them as a reminder, an event announcement, a survey, or an introduction to their company. After all, direct mail doesn’t have a minimum word count or predetermined size. Whether the goal of a marketer is to build a brand or generate quick sales, direct letters allow them to include as much content as they can to their message.


Easier to Integrate


It is easier for marketers to integrate their direct mail campaign with social media, print and press media, and the web to create a winning combination. Its integration with other marketing channels also ensures accountability. Combination of direct mail with social media can help make a memorable impression.


Long Lifespan


A direct mail campaign has a longer lifespan than an online ad or email. Direct mails are likely to linger even longer during the holidays or at peak shopping times. In short, the chances of a message getting through to the target segment is higher with direct mail because it often tends to hang around longer.