5 Tips to Packing Your House for Easy Moves

Packing up your house will be easier with a little prep work. If you have enough lead time, you can even make some money getting ready to move. To make sure you invest your time wisely, follow the five steps below.

1) Decide What You Don’t Need To Move

If you’re down-sizing from three bedrooms to two, you’ll need to get rid of some furniture. Once you know what you’re taking, empty out the other pieces and either donate or sell them so they’re out of your way on moving day.

2) Color-Code What You’re Taking

Whether you’re spreading your belongings through a bigger house or consolidating, if you know you’re taking a particular piece, get some colored dots and color-code what you’re moving so boxes and furniture go in the right room. On unloading day, if possible, set the largest pieces of furniture first, then load boxes into the room.

3) Pack and Move Fragile Items Yourself

If you’re moving antiques or objects that are precious to you, plan to move them yourself. You can pad these items with linens and bedding to make sure that your heirlooms or just things that hold dear memories get to your new house safely.

4) Be Ready to Invest in Boxes

If you’re moving across the country in a truck or with a trailer, be ready to buy some boxes for heavy or bulky items. The bottom rank of your belongings should go into boxes that can handle the weight of the rest of your stuff, and second-hand boxes may not have the strength or stability. Smaller or lighter things can easily go into second-hand boxes at higher levels in the truck.

5)Use Your Suitcases

Assign a suitcase or backpack to everyone in the family. Inside that suitcase, include a change of clothes, toiletries, a towel, their bedding, and a pillow. This way, once you get to your new place, you can work all day getting unloaded and still be able to take a shower, make up the beds and put on clean clothes the next day without having to hunt through towers of boxes for pillows.

Moving will always be disruptive, but you can make it worth your while by only moving what you really want in your new space and by getting all your belongings to the right room for easy unpacking.