5 Tips for Taking Care of an Asphalt Parking Lot


One of the primary reasons why most homeowners opt for asphalt parking lots is because they are easy to maintain. However, that does not mean that you neglect your driveways; you need to maintain them in perfect conditions. Besides, asphalt surfaces are designed to serve you for three decades; thus maintenance is crucial. Additionally, proper maintenance saves you money spent on repairs and replacements, while keeping the asphalt parking lot in excellent condition.


Regular cleaning


You should clean your asphalt parking lot often to remove debris, rocks, dirt, and leaves. You can hose it once a week to get rid of trash and sweep it after every few days. Also, cleaning your asphalt parking lot often enhances the drainage system in your compound because the debris doesn’t block water. Also, regular cleaning ensures that pedestrians and people using the parking lot are safe and it protects the parking lot from hazardous agents and physical damage by water.


Fill in the cracks


Asphalt indicates signs of wear and tear over time. It usually manifests in small cracks that turn into large holes if you fail to take immediate action. The pits or large holes are expensive to repair. Therefore, you should call a contractor to patch your asphalt parking lot immediately you notice small cracks before they develop into pits. You don’t want to compromise on the integrity of your asphalt parking lot.


Never underestimate the power of seal coating


Sealcoating is crucial in prolonging and protecting the life expectancy of asphalt parking lots. It offers protective layers and fills surface damage to keep out water, damaging UV rays, and water. You should seal coat your asphalt parking lot within three or five years after installation to protect the surface and enhance its atheistic look.


Asphalt striping


People should mark or strip their asphalt parking lots immediately after installation. Marking your parking lot is essential because it designates parking spots for all cars. Asphalt parking lot striping is vital in enhancing the beauty of your home or business compound. If you are marking a parking lot for your business premises, remember to abide by the set standards by designating a parking lot for the disabled.


Prevent overloading


You need to be strict concerning the weight of cars that are allowed on your asphalt parking lot if you want it to last for a long time. You should avoid heavy trucks, such as delivery trucks and garbage trucks unless if it is unavoidable. You can let the heavy vehicles to remain on the main road instead of allowing them to your parking lot because they will damage it.


You must have spent thousands of dollars to install your asphalt parking lot. Also, you are hopeful that it will serve you for several decades. These tips will help you to maintain your parking lot in excellent condition throughout the years.