6 Great Jewelry Organization Tips for Small Spaces


When you have a small apartment and a lot of jewelry, you need to find a way to keep it organized. Some organizational products and systems take up too much space. These six ideas will help you to keep your jewelry organized in a way that makes everything easy to find but does not take up all of your storage.

1. Necklace or Tie Hangers
Necklace or tie hangers accept ten or more neckties, bandanas or necklaces. They hang on the rod in the closet just like a clothes hanger. The necklaces are easy to see. You can take out the hanger, remove one necklace and put the hanger back in your closet.

2. Artist Palettes
If your jewelry collection is small or consists of small items, you could use a ceramic or plastic artist’s palette to sort the pieces. This would work well for stud earrings, charms for bracelets or rings. The palettes easily slide into a small drawer. If they happen to get dirty, they are also easy to keep clean.

3. Thread or Bead Organizers
Another organizational option that can be found in a craft store is a thread or bead organizer. These are made of plastic, and they have a lid to keep everything secure in case it gets tossed upside down. Some have fixed compartment sizes, while others have adjustable slots that allow you to customize the size of the compartment. These organizers are inexpensive.

4. Ice Cube Trays
Ice cube trays are stackable, inexpensive and easy to find. They also work well for organizing small pieces of jewelry. You could stack them on a closet shelf or under the bathroom sink. An ice cube tray will easily accommodate rings, small bracelets and pairs of earrings.

5. Muffin Tins
If you have a collection of muffin tins, these are also ideal for organizing jewelry. You could use either silicone or metal muffin tins. These pieces of cookware are easy to come by at secondhand shops and garage sales. They will stack up for efficient use of storage space. Their openings are large enough to accommodate most types of jewelry.

6. Cork Bulletin Board
When you do not have enough shelf or drawer space, make use of your vertical wall space. A cork board and push pins will hold up your necklaces and bracelets with ease. You can take one off at a time when you want a piece to wear. Cork boards are inexpensive and easily found at most big box stores, home improvement stores and office supply stores.