6 Reasons to Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Workout


When you envision the perfect calorie-torching workout, you probably picture yourself doing plenty of cardio. You’re running along on a treadmill. You’re spinning on a stationary bike. Perhaps you’re moving to the beat of your favorite music, or maybe you’re focused, pushing your body as hard as you can. As you’re designing your workout, however, there’s one more facet you need to consider: strength training.

Strength Training Burns More Calories

Lifting weights–which can be a great calorie burner all on its own–also has the benefit of building muscle. Muscle automatically burns more calories than fat. Therefore, when you incorporate strength training into your regular workout routine, you won’t just burn more calories during the workout itself. You’ll also burn more calories simply sitting back and watching television at the end of the day.

Toning Up Makes You Look Great

Working out isn’t just about the numbers on the scale. One of the most important aspects of working out is the gorgeous, toned appearance you’ll get as a result of your workout. Lifting weights will help you tone up, giving you that lean, smooth appearance you’ve always wanted.

Lifting Weights Decreases Injury

Lifting weights forces you to practice good form, which shifts your body into a better mechanical position. When you build strength, you get another benefit alongside it: you’ll be less likely to injure yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re performing a routine action or trying a new workout. Stronger muscles are less likely to be hurt in the process.

Find a New Mood Booster

Can strength training actually make you happier? If you’re dedicated to putting in the time at the gym, you’ll be surprised by how much it lifts your mood. Any time you push yourself in a workout, the resulting surge of happiness-enhancing hormones will be sure to put you in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Strength Training Will Keep Your Diet Goals on Track

Have you ever thrown up your hands and given up on your fitness routine completely because of a single slip-up? Apparently, it’s more common than you think. When you exercise regularly, it reminds you to stay on track with all of your fitness goals, from clocking in plenty of cardio to avoiding those calorie-laden snacks in the middle of the afternoon. By incorporating strength training into your regular exercise routine, you’ll have one more reminder that will keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Switch It Up More Often

Doing the same thing repeatedly can get awfully boring. If you’re hitting the gym just for the cardio machines, it won’t take you long to get bored–and bored people have a hard time meeting their workout goals. As you add strength training to your workout routine, however, you’ll discover a whole new world full of options that will keep you from getting bored with your workout routine.

Strength training is available to everyone, no matter where you might be. It doesn’t require a membership. It just requires you to devote yourself to training and give it the effort it deserves. There are plenty of body weight exercises out there that can be done in the privacy of your living room or a vast array of weights to try out at the gym: plenty of options for your new strength training routine no matter what your current fitness level might be.