7 Costly Moving Mistakes to Avoid


Moving is back-breaking work. It can be messy, unorganized and complicated. It can also be expensive. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can cut costs before and during moving day.

1. Not Planning in Advance

According to Allstate, you can end up spending a ton of extra money, time and effort if you don’t prepare for your move. Even a small move just a few neighborhoods over requires some planning. Travel arrangements, moving companies, boxes, moving trucks and all other details should be sorted out and booked ahead of time. Otherwise, you could end up spending twice as much because you need help at the last minute.

2. Underestimating the Materials You Need

When you underestimate the packing materials you need, you may need to run out last-minute to pick more up, which can cost more than if you took the time to shop around for the best prices. According to Learn Vest, it’s better to overestimate at first than to underestimate. Most stores will let you return any unused and unopened items.

3. Moving Every Single Thing You Own

If you simply move all of your current furniture and belongings to your new home, you’re going to need much more space than if you weed through everything first. When you get rid of unwanted items, you could seriously reduce the amount of stuff you’re bringing with you, which means you can get away with fewer packing materials and a smaller truck.

4. Hiring a Cheap Moving Company

At first, it may seem like hiring a cheap moving company is a great way to save money, but remember that you’re going to get what you paid for. While the upfront costs may be low, a crummy moving company is actually going to cost you. You may have to repair or replace mishandled furniture, for example.

5. Getting the Wrong Insurance

Moving can become extra expensive if your items are broken, especially your big ticket items, like your fine china or your electronics. When working with a moving company, be sure to ask about insurance. Keep in mind that Value Protection isn’t the same thing as insurance. Value Protection pays a certain amount per pound for destroyed items. If your 55-inch TV gets ruined, you may only get $15 if it weighed around 25 pounds.

6. Letting Someone Else Carry Your Valuables

You should always have a few boxes that you’re going to move yourself. Never let your friends or movers handle your valuables for you because they could get lost, broken or stolen. Keep the valuables in protective cases and make sure you know where they are at all times.

7. Forgetting a Survival Bag

If you get to your new home and realize you have no idea where you packed the toothpaste, coffee filters or bed sheets, you’re going to have to either go through every single thing you own or run out to buy replacements. Keep a survival bag with you and put it somewhere that’s easy to reach.