7 Tips for Helping Your Insomnia


Insomnia is a common problem and it is estimated that it affects 10% of the population. It may have many contributing factors and most often, a simple lifestyle change can make a big difference.

  1. Stick to a Schedule
    Keeping a regular schedule in the evening helps prime your body for sleep. Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day helps reset your circadian clock. Don’t make it to early or you will toss and turn if you’re not ready to fall asleep yet.2. Do Something Physical
    Exercise also helps you sleep better. If you work out in the evening it may help to get rid of any excess energy before retiring for the night.

    3. Try a Supplement
    Prescription sleep aids are often the last resort because they tend to make you feel groggy in the morning. One way to avoid this is to try a natural supplement that works with your body’s natural sleep cycle. There are a number of good ones and they do not make you fall asleep they just help you to relax and turn off the “mind chatter” so you can fall asleep.

    4. Avoid Stimulants at Bedtime
    Coffee, tea, and even soda late at night can keep you awake. Stimulants can interfere with the sleep process and even the ability to reach deep sleep. Herbal teas and water quench thirst without adding caffeine.

    5. Keep the TV Off
    The blue light emitted by televisions, computer screens, and Ipads can also interfere with your sleep. The body naturally produces melatonin and getting sleepy as nighttime approaches is the natural result of this process. The blue light inhibits melatonin production so make sure to turn off screens at least one hour before bed.

    6. Go to Bed When You Feel Tired
    You should pick a bedtime when you are likely to be tired. It does not help to lie there and count the ceiling tiles so if you do not fall asleep within 20 – 30 minutes, get up and do something like reading until you begin to feel sleepy and then try again.

    7. Make Your Bed Comfortable
    Many people have had the same mattress for years and can’t afford to go out and buy a new one. You don’t need a new mattress you just need to make the one you have more comforting. Having a comfortable bed helps facilitate sleep because it is easier to relax when you’re comfortable.

    Many people find it helpful to combine these tips for the most effective solution for insomnia.