9 Creative Ways to Minimize Desk Space Clutter


Not only does a clean work area increase productivity, but it’ll put the worker in an overall better mood as well. A majority of these methods are free to use and simple to apply. Here are nine different ways to clean a cluttered desk.

1. Make a Physical Inbox
Although most mail today is electronic, one who works in an office will still receive some type of physical mail, such as documents and the like. Nine out of 10 times, this will result in papers being scattered all across the place. The simple solution, however, is to keep it in one area, such as a mailbox.

2. Trash Within Reach
Unneeded items should immediately be discarded to avoid unnecessary clutter. As a general rule of thumb, the trash can should be well within the person’s reach. This means no having to make “baskets” and other trick shots.

3. Minimize Incoming Physical Mail
The best way to clean up clutter is to prevent it in the first place. Basically, this means minimizing the amount of incoming mail. Reduce memo reports, unnecessary subscriptions, coupons and other redundant mail.

4. Eliminate “Clutter”
One should evaluate if whether or not they truly need all those accessories on their desk, such as staples, paperclips and a bunch of other items. A good philosophy for this one would be KISS: keep it simple stupid.

5. Schedule a Cleaning Time
Another important thing to do is to schedule a cleaning time, specifically for the desk of course. Ideally, the scheduling should be as frequent as possible. A frequent cleaning schedule will make things easier overall by having to clean less.

6. Never Set Trash Down
One of the worst habits is to immediately set trash down when it’s not needed anymore. Even the smallest piece of paper should be thrown out right away. Other common examples of this include empty soda cans, newspapers, magazines and the like.

7. Store Information Digitally
With all the flash drives and other storage devices in today’s digital age, there’s almost no need to store things on paper. Whenever possible, try to store information in a digital device, such as a flash drive.

8. Use Drawers
One is bound to be stuck with a bunch of different items while working in an office. Therefore, having decent storage space is a must. It’s much better to have clutter inside a drawer rather than on top of a table where it can be seen.

9. Keep Cables and Wires Together
Exposed, tangled wires and cables can really become a nuance, especially in the work place. One great way to keep them in one bunch is to use zip ties.