How To Find a Cell Phone For A Better Price In 4 Steps


Everything that allows humanity to survive, thrive, and communicate, consists of numbers, letters, symbols, and sounds. With these four elements we can create textbooks and teach new generations, and we can communicate with the international space station. In every city of every state in the country, millions of people communicate by sending their voices and messages through the cellphone, but sometimes this gets expensive. For that reason in this article, we will be discussing four different ways to keep your communication device, while saving money.

So, how do you go about finding a cell phone for a different price? You can either switch carriers, look for BOGO deals, be okay with having last year’s version, and setting up a family or bundle plan.

1. Switch Carriers: The reason why there are different grocery outlets, that carry different items at different prices, is because they cater to a different customer and demographic. The same goes for cell phones. Some companies may offer the same exact cell phone for a lower price, may give you a rebate, or can give you a few months of service for free. Shop around and see what you find.

2. Look for BOGO deals: BOGO stands for “buy one get one,” and can be anything from get one free, to get one 50% off. There are certain times of the year when this happens, so instead of buying a phone outright, you can wait for one of these deals and partner with someone that was looking to buy a full-price phone anyway. You can get the free or 50% off one, and everyone wins.

3. Purchase last year’s version: My friend told me about this great hack. The phones themselves don’t change much in one year, but the price reductions do. It’s okay to be one year late, the phone will be brand new and work the same, but you will have gotten it at a discount while everyone else paid the retail price for the newest version. There’s a quote that says, “don’t go broke trying to impress somebody else.”

4. Setup a Family Plan: Finally, you can setup or ask to be part of a bundle or family plan. Although this may not lower the cost of the phones themselves, you may be able to get a payment plan or a great deal on your monthly bill to compensate.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed four different ways to find a cell phone for a better price. Switch to a less expensive carrier, look for “Buy One Get One” deals and take advantage of them, get last year’s version instead of the brand new one, and join or create a family or bundle plan so that everybody saves.