How to Pick Your Wedding’s Color Palette


When planning something as big as a wedding, there’s a lot more to it than what some originally think. Figuring what your color palette will be is one of the more difficult parts of envisioning your big day. While it can be a confusing process, it can also be a lot of fun if you know what to do. If you don’t already know where to start, no need to worry. Below you will find ways to help you pick your wedding’s color palette.

What’s Your Theme?
Something to consider when picking your colors out is what kind of wedding you want to have. Do you have an overall theme in mind, like an elegant 1920s Gatsby or cool Bonnie and Clyde style? If you do, it can be as simple as doing a little research into that time period and picking out the colors that stick out to you. If you don’t have a particular time period you want to model, consider the style you want it to embody. For instance, if your wedding is going to be a black tie event, neutral colors would likely work best. However, if it’s an outdoor rustic theme, you may find that warm colors fit better.

What’s the Season?
If your wedding doesn’t have much of a theme, take a look at the calendar. Another option when choosing your color palette is to take a look at the season the wedding will take place. You can pick colors that you see during winter or spring and go from there. This is by no means the rule, however. If you aren’t fond reds and oranges during fall, fret not. According to Huffington Post, you shouldn’t be concerned with keeping your colors seasonal.What is considered in season now may not be fifty years from now. Pastel blues and greens may scream spring now, but in the 50s and 60s they were considered a winter scheme.

Still at a Loss?
So you don’t have a theme, and you can’t find colors you like during your season. In the age of technology, you need not worry. One option is to look online for inspiration. Websites like Google or Pinterest can give you an idea of what works together. If you don’t want to copy another wedding’s color palette, there is another website to browse. On this site, you input a color you want, and it will give up to four additional colors that work well together. It effectively takes out the guesswork of what colors will go with the hot pink you picked out.