Why Skin Care is about Health (not Vanity)


Most people tend to think that caring for their skin is about good looks. Unfortunately, the reality is far from the truth. Just like exercising is good for the heart, it’s essential for optimal health to take care of the largest organ in the human body: the skin.

Skin Care Can Help to Prevent Cancer

Not only can the sun cause premature wrinkles and age spots, it is the cause of skin cancer. Skin cancer affects over 67,000 people each year. The best way to prevent skin cancer is by taking good care of the skin. When going outdoors, a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 should always be used. Staying in the shade whenever possible, wearing a hat and light-colored clothing can also help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Healthy Skin Protects the Body from Disease and Illness

The human body is constantly faced with parasites, bacteria and viruses that can wreak havoc on health and well-being. One of the skin’s major functions is to protect the body from dangers. Additionally, the skin is responsible for alerting the immune system when foreign bodies are present, making and excreting antibacterial substances to kill germs and supporting the continued growth of helpful bacteria that also work to protect the skin. In order for the skin to protect the body, it itself has to be healthy. Adopting a simple skin care routine that includes cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing helps the skin to keep the body from foreign invaders.

Skin Care Helps the Skin to Regulate Body Temperatures

One of the most important functions of the skin is the regulation of body temperature. When the body gets too warm, the skin reacts by releasing sweat from the sweat glands that are located in the epidermis layer. When the sweat evaporates, the body is cooled off. Conversely, when the body becomes too cold, the skin reacts by sending signals to make the muscles shiver as well as signals for sweating to cease. As we age, sweat glands decrease in the skin, making it more difficult for the body to regulate its temperature. Properly caring for the skin will help it to do its job more efficiently and prevent overheating from occurring.

Proper Skin Care is Essential with Skin Disorders

Eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin all require specialized skin care to prevent itchiness, dryness and rashes from occurring that can cause discomfort, frustration and low self-esteem.

Keeping the skin healthy with a good skincare routine is just as important as brushing the teeth, eating fruits and vegetables and getting enough sleep at night. When the skin is properly cared for, it can do its job more efficiently. Though most skin care commercials cite vanity as the most important reason for caring for the skin, it is a vital part of staying healthy.