3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

personal injury

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and it can leave people with serious injuries and significant financial hardship. While most people don’t like to think about it often, a serious accident can happen at any given moment. According to CDC.gov, 31 million people visit the emergency room each year after an accident.

However, if you were injured in an accident, you can get help. Below are three reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney after a serious accident.

1. Someone Else May Have Been at Fault

Despite what we think of when we hear the word accident, most accidents that result in the injury of other parties were the result of someone else’s action or lack of action. The legal concept that explains this is referred to as negligence. Negligence occurs when a person doesn’t take steps to protect others from harm when a reasonable person would know to do so.

There are many ways a person can be negligent. For example, a reasonable person should know that a side walk will become a slip and fall hazard when it becomes cold enough for ice to form. If a store owner did not salt a side walk in front of his store and a person subsequently slipped and fell, the store owner’s negligence certainly contributed to that person’s injuries. In the United States, negligence in most cases is not a crime. However, the injured can seek justice by pursing a lawsuit in civil court.

2. You Can Gain Financial Compensation

One of the significant fallouts from a serious injury caused by another party’s negligence can be the financial repercussions. If a person injures their legs, hands or spine, for example, they may no longer be able to perform the same kind of work. Their career prospects and lifetime earning potential may be seriously diminished. One of the only ways to gain that level of income back is by launching a personal injury lawsuit.

However, there can be other costs as well. Surgery, therapy and medication used to treat an injury can be very expensive. Beyond that, the injury may severely impact a person’s quality of life. This should also be factored into the amount of compensation sought in court. You should also be aware that many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means they will only be paid if you obtain a financial judgment or a settlement.

3. You Will Need a Professional’s Expertise

It is extremely difficult to represent yourself in most legal matters. It’s nearly impossible to do so in civil court when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Try to find a licensed attorney who specializes in personal injury law in your area. Such a lawyer is likely to know the appropriate case law as well as the lay of the land in regards to judges and juries in your jurisdiction. He or she will know how to proceed to get the best result possible.

In many cases, that may be settling out of court for a significant amount of money.According to a study reported on by the New York Times, settling out of court often results in a better result for the plaintiff than going to trial.