3 Ways Your Body Uses Vitamin D

Many people take vitamin D for many different reasons. Does it really work? We are going to take a look at vitamin D and see what it works best for and how it works. Given that supplements are all the rage these days, we wanted to look into this vitamin and see what it is really all about. We get vitamin D naturally from sunlight, but is that enough. Most people are not out in the sun enough to get the most benefit from it. Below are 3 reasons for taking vitamin D and how it can help you.


  1. Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties and is also good for bone health. For this reason doctors believe that taking it would help with pain. Some doctors believe it works better by injections and others think it works just fine as a pill. Studies suggest that getting vitamin D injections is the most helpful. Research suggests that it can help with RA, osteoporosis and other bone and muscles diseases. Most of these diseases come with a lot of pain that vitamin D can help with.
  2. Weight loss is another way vitamin D can help. There was a study done that combined vitamin D with calcium and the people lost more weight that the people taking placebo. They said the extra calcium and vitamin D suppressed the appetite of the people involved. Suppressing your appetite is one of the biggest problems for people who are trying to lose weight. This is a great way to have extra help when losing weight and you can find it at just about any store.
  3. Vitamin D has been studied for depression and mood disorders. Vitamin D helps to regulate your mood and anxiety so it is used a lot in the treatment of diseases that have underlying depression such as fibromyalgia. This should work for any disease that causes pain because most of them cause depression too.

Vitamin D seems to help for a few different health problems that you never would guess. For people who do not want to take medication for pain or depression, it could be really helpful. A lot of people have mood disorders and vitamin D could be the answer to this problem, or at least help make it better. Weight loss is so hard that any help someone can get is an added benefit. We all want to be healthier and Vitamin D is an easy way to start on that journey.