4 Inspiring Athletes to Motivate Your Fitness Journey

Your journey towards a fit life is one of the most important you’ll take. It may also be one of the most difficult, which means you may need some inspiration to help keep you going. Look no further than some of the top names in sports to find some. Yes, they are top athletes, but they too have had difficulties in their journeys.

Serena Williams

For years, this tennis pro struggled with body issues. She looked around and saw other female athletes thinner and more petite than her. However, this did not stop her from becoming the number 1 tennis star in the world.

She also admits that she does not like working out and does it solely out of necessity. This means it’s a mental effort to get to the gym, but when she’s there, she gives it her all.

Tiger Woods

He was the number 1 golfer in the world. Then, his life spiraled downward as well as his rankings. His body, especially his back, began ailing him as well. Then, 11 years after his last major win, he wins the Masters.

This did not happen all of a sudden. Tiger had to endure not only intense training to treat his back and rusty techniques, but harsh criticisms from the media and sports world as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This Portuguese player may be one soccer’s greatest ever. He is well known for his talent on the field as well as for his ripped physique. However, he had some difficulties as a youngster that might have prevented him from becoming the superstar he is today.

As a boy, Cristiano was very skinny. In addition, he was constantly being told this, and that he was too thin to make it in sports. His will to become the best was stronger than these criticisms, and he devoted his days to working out and playing soccer.

Trischa Zorn

Her journey into fitness started without her sight. Yet, she still went on to achieve great success in the Paralympic Games. In fact, she has won more medals, 55, in the Paralympics than any other athlete.

At a young age, she refused to let her blindness get in the way of life, and soon, she was swimming at the swim club with kids with vision. From there, it was a challenging yet natural journey to where she is today.

No one is immune from difficulties when trying to get fit. Even the most successful athletes of our time have had their share of challenges. They can come in the form of a physical limitation, criticisms from others, or even your own self-consciousness. They can also be conquered with hard work and perseverance.