4 Top Reasons to Take a Private Plane

Once upon a time, commercial aviation was a glamorous and fun affair. That was back in the early days when flying was new to the public. Nowadays, the experience of flying often seems more like a bus ride in the air than a journey to adventure. That has led many air passengers to consider the alternative of flying a private plane to their destinations.

Besides escaping the crowds, there are multiple reasons why private aviation is coming into vogue with travelers. Perhaps the top four are:

1. Save time and money: You can save time and money by flying a private aircraft. In the US, there are 10 times more airports available to land a private jet than there are for larger commercial aircraft. Thus, you can generally arrange to land nearer to your ultimate destination, saving yourself time. Furthermore, it will save you money on ground transportation and hotel costs as layovers become unnecessary.

2. Carry what you need: If you have a pet, your cat or dog will generally be allowed to travel with you in the cabin of a private plane. Just as well, if you need to carry extra luggage such as hunting, fishing, or photography equipment, you can feel free to bring it along. Unlike the large commercial airlines, which tightly control or limit what you can carry on to their airplanes.

3. Flexible Scheduling and reduced stress: When you book a private flight, you can relax, knowing that there won’t be any long lines at the airport. If you should happen to run late, the plane can even wait for you. Upon arrival at your destination, your luggage is handed over to you. No more waiting at the luggage carousel for lost bags.

4. Quality of service: The interior of a private plane is on a level above the commercial carriers. In fact, there really is no comparison in terms of comfort and amenities. You will receive individualized attention. The operators of your private jet service will go the extra mile to ensure that the aircraft is stocked with your preferred food and beverage choices before your flight.

The best thing about private aviation is that it is more accessible than most people imagine. It is well worth looking into before you book your next flight. It would be a real shame to practically pay the same fare and receive so much less. Private jet aviation is accessible to you these days, even if you have not entered the billionaires or millionaires club yet.