5 Important Benefits that Come From CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. As a medicine, it has proven health benefits. The evidence of CBD oil effectiveness for treating an array of health challenges continues to grow as more and more research on this amazing plant compound becomes available. Although CBD oil comes from the same plant as marijuana, it does not contain THC, the molecule responsible for the “high” commonly associated with the plant. For this reason, THC is safe when medically necessary, even for children. Here is a brief rundown of the best health benefits that CBD oil offers.

Managing Pain

Chronic pain is a common problem, especially among older people. In many cases, treatment with mild painkillers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) does not alleviate pain. Although stronger opioid painkillers like OxyContin can help with major pain, they have a strong tendency for abuse and addiction. In fact, many OxyContin users move onto heroin addictions after OxyContin use because it is cheaper than the prescription medication. CBD oil, on the other hand, is an effective treatment for even severe pain and does not cause dependency.

Treating Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions

Depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental health challenges are on the rise in the modern world. Many conventional treatments like SSRIs and benzodiazepines have sometimes significant side effects, especially after discontinuing their use. Abruptly stopping benzodiazepines, a commonly prescribed class of drugs for treating panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder, can even be fatal in certain circumstances. CBD Oil is a safe alternative to these prescription medications.

Fixing Autoimmune Issues

When the body mistakes its own tissues for foreign invaders, the immune system kicks into action and can actually cause disease. One of the most common autoimmune issues which CBD oil can effectively treat is arthritis. CBD oil also shows promise for working to protect the brain from damage caused by Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other devastating autoimmune conditions.

CBD Oil Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

CBD oil treatment in patients experiencing high blood pressure resulted in improvement. Also, when patients with heart issues are exposed to stress tests, they respond more favorably with a smaller increase in blood pressure than normal.

CBD Oil Fights Cancer

In the developed world, cancer is the second most common killer behind cardiovascular disease. In several studies, CBD oil has demonstrated its ability to effectively kill tumor cells. The risk of prostate, breast, lung, and other cancers can be reduced with CBD oil.
As research continues, scientists will likely discover even more potential benefits of CBD oil in the future.