5 Reasons Seniors Refuse to Wear Their Hearing Aids

You may have a senior in your life that is hard to talk to. Why? Because they are hard of hearing and refuse to wear a hearing aid. Maybe you are struggling yourself when it comes to wearing one. It’s a common problem that many seniors deal with. Here are five reasons why many seniors struggle when it comes to wearing their hearing aids.

1.They Feel Old

Many seniors associate hearing loss with old age. However, age-related hearing loss, known as presbycusis, is an issue that occurs in most men and women as they age. About half of all seniors over 5-years-old have trouble hearing. Many feel as though a hearing aid will make them look even older than they are, especially if their hearing loss starts at a younger age.

2.The Cost of the Hearing Aids

Medicaid, the insurance company that many seniors have, does not cover hearing aid costs. Unfortunately, this is a problem for many seniors who may be living on a fixed income. While diagnostic evaluations are generally covered, seniors may have to pay a lot out of pocket. However, a quality hearing aid will be a real investment that will last for years.

3.They Aren’t Cosmetically Appealing

No one wants to walk around with a huge and obvious hearing aid in their ear. It’s one of the main reasons why seniors choose to struggle with hearing. Luckily, manufacturers are aware of the cosmetic concern when it comes to their devices and are making them as small as possible. Many hearing aids can now be hidden inside your ear.

4.It’s a Big Adjustment

Many seniors get comfortable in their routines. Having to be fitted for a hearing aid may seem like an annoying and tiresome chore. Many seniors say that they are too old to be bothered with a hearing aid and don’t want to adjust to something new. This is especially true if it is difficult for them to get to and from appointments with an audiologist

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Many seniors believe that their hearing will be cured once they insert their hearing aids. Unfortunately, a hearing aid can only assist a person with their hearing needs. They will help, but they will not cure the problem. Some seniors have gone through a poor evaluation and fitting the first time they went to an audiologist. They may have been given an aid that didn’t work the way it should have, causing them to be resistant to trying again.

It’s easy to find excuses as to why you shouldn’t wear a hearing aid. But being able to hear friends, family, and even strangers the first time that they talk will make wearing an aid a wonderful idea in the long run.