5 Tips For Renovating Your Beach Home

A beach house renovation project requires patience, focus, and dedication. Eliminate stress during a general renovation job by using these tips.

Review the Regulations

Carefully review all of the building regulations for the community. In most cities, there are different regulations for construction and zoning. If you research the laws, you’ll less likely run into problems after the renovations begin.

Update the Foundation in a Strategic Way

The most important parts of a beach house’s foundation are the pilings. If they’re in great condition, other components that make up the entire structure will strengthen. Also, solid pilings dramatically improve the layout of a beach house. For example, they make all floors level and enhance how every door functions.

Use Unique Furniture Pieces and Fabrics

After you’ve renovated the foundation, focus on incorporating furniture and fabrics throughout the home. Since a beach house is partially an outdoor living space, all furniture should have features for seasonal weather contaminates. If your beach house is near the coast, all outdoor furniture will need protection from the following hazards:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Chlorine

You can gather weather-proof material at a fabric house. The best way to reduce daily chores in a beach house is by placing the same weather-proof upholstery on all indoor and outdoor furniture. For example, if someone sits on your furniture indoors after swimming outdoors, the protective coating on the upholstery will keep stains off of your sofa and chairs.

Enhance the Beach House for Harsh Weather

Beach houses from different eras have unique design aspects, so you must develop a seasonal renovation plan based on your beach house’s style. Before the 1980s, beach houses were not used throughout the year, which is why many vintage beach homes lack features for the fall and winter.

If your beach house isn’t winterized, you’ll need to add insulation and heating equipment. Then, sink the main water line beneath the sand. A thick layer of sand creates a barrier that keeps ice off vulnerable pipes.

Renovate Based on Climate Concerns

The environment can dramatically impact a beach house’s strength and stability. Along the southern coast, beach homes are very vulnerable during hurricane season because strong winds and flooding can cause major foundation. The most effective way to possibly avoid flood damage is by elevating your beach house according to FEMA’s requirements. To defend your house against hurricanes, place hurricane-proof glazing on all doors and windows.

Use these beach house renovation tips, and enjoy pleasant days and nights by the ocean. If you need professional help along the way, hire a designer or a contractor.