5 Ways to Create a Winter Wedding Wonderland Venue

While spring and summer weddings are all the rave, many couples prefer to get married in the winter. Nuptials during the coldest season of the year can be dreamy and mystical if you plan them the right way. If you are looking to have your wedding in the winter, there are five great ways you can create a winter wonderland venue that will be absolutely perfect for your big day.

Use the Right Lighting

You can use a great combination of lighting in your venue to create a winter wonderland. Lanterns or candelabras are excellent choices for lighting the aisle and creating a beautiful, glowing aura. You can even use a variety of holiday lights in the wedding space to give your winter wedding more of a holiday feel that’s typical of the winter season. Be aware of the placement of all your lighting to ensure that your wedding photographer is able to capture the best pictures.

Use the Right Color Scheme

Certain colors are more apt to bring forth the feeling of winter. White, silver and blue, in particular, are great to use in your color scheme for a winter wonderland wedding. Your venue can be decorated in those colors or the other trio of hues — white, red and green — that conjure up feelings of winter. In addition to the decoration of the venue itself, you may also want to have your wedding party wear these colors.

Incorporate Holiday Traditions

If you are religious or just have simple family traditions during the holidays, you can create a beautiful winter wonderland venue by adding those traditions. Add a nice Christmas tree that is fully decorated with ornaments that have been in your family for generations. You can also have your wedding cake decorated to reflect the holiday season. You can even hang mistletoe over the ceremony space, even if you have to wait until the groom can kiss the bride.

Use Seasonal Flowers

Decorate the wedding venue with winter season flowers to give it a characteristic winter wonderland look. You can add centerpieces and bouquets that are comprised of red and white roses, white hydrangeas, red berries and even a touch of holly leaves. For a truly unique touch, you can even add in a few crystals to give the impression of icicles, which is very winter wonderland.

Incorporate a Hot Chocolate Bar

One of the best ways to bring a winter wonderland feel to your wedding venue is to incorporate a hot chocolate bar to it. No matter what their age, your guests will absolutely love it and can warm up and enjoy a luscious beverage to warm them right up.

These are some of the best ways to create a winter wonderland right in your wedding venue. Everyone will have a grand time as they witness your nuptials.