5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Fitness

It’s practically a consensus that children are far less physically active these days because of advancements in technology. Whether they are watching YouTube videos or checking social media, most children are more likely to spend time indoors online then outdoors playing a sport, with some exceptions. It’s the primary reason why obesity statistics for children around the world are headed in the wrong direction. Take a look at these five ways to get kids excited about participating in fitness activities.

1. Make it a Family Affair

As with many aspects of life, it’s best to lead by example. This means participating in physical activities is a much better way to get kids excited about exercise. It’s been proven time and time again that children develop habits based on what they see growing up. Your participation in physical activities is a great way to help your children learn how to get and stay fit for a lifetime.

2. Identify Fun Activities

The best type of exercise is activities that don’t feel like work. Whether it’s going to the local zoo or a space museum and getting a long walk in before sunset, chances are your child will be so busy enjoying the sights that they won’t even realize they’ve walked for hours. You can also install a basketball net at home to make a fun activity easily accessible.

3. Make Daily Chores More Active

Instead of hiring someone for all of the landscaping functions, there could be an opportunity for your child to participate. Whether it’s raking leaves or actually mowing the lawn, there’s nothing wrong with hard work. The best part is that it’s great exercise for a kid, especially teenagers. One of the best ways for a child to get exercise has always been walking the family dog and that will probably never change.

4. Play Indoor Games

Not all indoor games are sedentary. There are games like Wii Fit and Xbox 360 Fitness that are great at incorporating fitness into anyone’s life. It’s the kind of thing that you can do for long periods of time because it doesn’t feel like exercise. As with other activities, you’ll want to join in to keep your kid excited about the different activities.

5. Support Organized Sporting Activities

School age children will have a chance to participate in many different sporting activities. When parents support their games through attendance, they’re more likely to stay motivated and involved. It’s also a good idea to encourage your child’s participation. It might take some time for your kid to find a sport they truly enjoy, which is fine. Just keep in mind that a child doesn’t have to be the star player to get exercise from a sporting activity.