6 Careers You Can Have in Genetics

HONOLULU, HAWAII - JULY 22:  (FEATURE STORY - KONA COFFEE 11 0F 16)  A laboratory technician Ricelle Agbayani, at the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, removes DNA coated gold particles from a vial July 22, 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The particles will be injected into receiver cells to produce plant somatic embryos. Kona coffee growers are concerned that cross-pollination from genetically modified coffee plants would destroy the market for domestic and international premium variety Kona coffee. (Photo by Phil Mislinski/Getty Images)

Technology has advanced so rapidly that the career field is rapidly changed. You can choose to be ahead of the curve by joining the genetics field. This article will help you understand the most promising jobs you can pick from. You’ll learn about what each job is about and how it pays.

1. Medical Research Scientist 
Here’s an advanced job where you’ll experiment on ways to combat deadly diseases such as cancer. You’ll also be taking the fight to diseases that are genetically passed down.

Medical scientists enjoy a median salary of $80,530 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(US BLS). It requires a graduate degree or higher in many cases. The work is not very stressful according to many. But, it does help to have a passion for the field.

2. Biomedical Engineer 
The rest of the genetics field will need advanced systems and technology to do their job. Your job will be to invent these machines. It will take an impressive knowledge of genetics to pull of.

The field is booming at 23% job growth and it yields a median salary of $85,610. That’s an upper middle class income in many parts of the United States. Many biomedical engineers say they have a rewarding and low stress job. This article will also give you some advice on getting into the field.

3. Pharmacologist 
If you like the idea of using science to make lives better, this is one of the ideal careers. Pharmacologists research the effects of new drugs and create them. This takes a deep understanding of genetics in order to be effective.

This is a highly lucrative job that can earn you $124,000 a year according to the US BLS. It usually takes graduate degree to get into. The career is rising at 6% a year in jobs growth. It offers a steady and interesting work at a good rate of pay.

4. Plant Breeder/Geneticist 
This is one of the most promising fields related to genes. The world population continues to grow and it will require new solutions in order to feed it. Agriculture scientists have learned how to genetically modify organisms to resist pests and disease.

Most of your work will be in a lab. You can expect a median salary of $62,910. The job only requires a bachelor’s degree as a bonus.

5. Forensic Science Technicians
Here’s a job where you can help the police catch criminals. You’ll study evidence left at crime scenes and working with advanced technology.
If this sounds like something up your alley, you’ll be glad to hear it’s projected to grow 27% according to the US BLS. It also boasts a median $56,000 salary. This is well above the average per capita income in the United States.

6. Genetic Counselors 
You’ll be able to enjoy a very rewarding career. Patients will come to you for guidance about managing their health. You will study their genetics and give them directions on boosting their health. The advice you give will be used by doctors to make decisions.

This position has a very strong job growth of 29%. The median salary is $74,120. Many people can live on that quite comfortably.

 Selecting Genetic Jobs 
Medicine will be an even bigger industry since the population is aging. Patients will need help living long and happy lives. Many of these problems are related to genetics. By getting a job related to genetics, you will be rewarded well for helping them.