6 Great Tips for Maintaining Good Dental Health

There’s no nice way to put it: Dental health in the United States is in crisis. Current dental literature indicates that two in three Americans are in urgent need of dental treatment. In an environment like this, it’s important to do everything you can to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Here are six tips for maintaining good dental health.

Brush Thoroughly And Regularly
Remember that it’s as important to brush both thoroughly and regularly. Dentists generally recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes. This helps prevent dental caries, gum disease, and periodontitis. If you’re having trouble brushing for two minutes, there are electric toothbrushes out there that will time how long you’ve been brushing for.

Remember To Floss
To maintain good dental health, it’s important to get between the teeth. There are a couple of ways to do this. You could, for example, try using a water pick, but flossing is probably easier. It is recommended that you floss thoroughly and daily to impede the onset of cavities and gum disease.

Use Mouthwash
Mouthwash is also a good addition to your dental health routine. Mouthwash generally contains fluoride, which bolsters your teeth’s protections against cavities and gum disease. Mouthwash is also effective at fighting off bacteria in your mouth, so give it a try.

Clean Up When You’re Done
According to Florida College of Dentistry professor Sharon Cooper, “toothbrushes can become contaminated with oral microbial organisms whenever they’re placed in the mouth.” That’s why it’s important to clean your equipment after using it. Once you’re done brushing, make sure to wash the bristles of your toothbrush thoroughly and completely.

Avoid Acidic Drinks
Acidic drinks can be disastrous for your oral health. This includes sodas, energy drinks, and fruit juices with citrus components. Drinks with high acid content can erode your teeth and lead to serious long-term damage. On the whole, it’s best to avoid them.

Visit The Dentist Regularly
Finally, it’s important that you visit the dentist regularly! It’s generally agreed that you should visit the dentist at least twice a year, but for some people, that number will undoubtedly be higher. In any case, it’s important to be proactive in your dental health care, and visiting the dentist is a key part of that.

Maintaining good dental health can be tricky. There are a lot of things to remember, but if you take the time out to make dental health a part of your daily routine, it can have a positive effect on your life. Your teeth are important, and it’s important that you take the proper steps to protect them.