6 Types of Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a unique designed coin that captures organization emblem, and organization members mostly carry it. Typically, they are used to show ownership when challenged or to enhance morale in an organization. The modern challenge coins are made of different sizes, and they are often designed to represent some particular reference, such as culture attributes or represent a position in the workplace in a way that creates a parody.

The following are the common Type of Challenge Coins
1. Police Coins
Police challenge coins can be created for specific disciplines such as detectives, major crime units, bomb disposal, and SWAT teams. Apart from the army, police were the first forces to recognize the value of challenge coins. Police coins are ideal for acknowledging and honoring the great work our law enforcers play in the community.

2. Masonic challenge coins
Masonry coins, also referred to as freemasons, represent people with collective identity or people working together to promote brotherhood in the world. The standard features of masonic coins are; the name, number of the lodge, date established, and specific basic symbols relevant to the masonry. A masonic coin can be customized as per the needs and preferences of the respective group.

3. Military challenge coins
They can be a perfect symbol for honoring and recognizing the bravery of military veterans as well as dedicating the achievement of the serving military personnel. Traditionally, custom coins have been a significant symbol in the military. These coins come with varying physical aspects, such as in color, shape, and size. Military coins may also be designed to incorporate an insignia, favorite wording, or historical dates.

4. Corporate Challenge Coins
They are commonly used in organizations and business firms to reinforce corporate identity, reward exceptional employees or clients, as well as commemorate the company’s achievements. Corporate challenge coins are often associated with identity and belonging, so it is not a surprise how they have become common in the commercial world. There are so many ways corporate coins and medals can be used to ensure your firm achieves its set goals.

5. Firefighter challenge coins
Firefighting is a high-risk professional that requires courage to battle gas, smoke, and fire on a daily basis. Firefighters coins can serve as a special symbol for recognizing critical achievements from the members of these emergency services. Because firefighting is a noble and ancient service, numerous traditional symbols are associated with it.

6. Business challenge coins
Many businesses have now discovered the impact of using a business challenge coin to showcase their products, reward employees and customers, and even to promote workplace safety. Challenge coins may have originated from the military world, but they have found a significant impact in the business world.

Final Verdict
Challenge coins can act as a significant symbol in various organizations. They are an excellent way of creating an incredibly strong bond that money can’t even buy. Besides, they can also serve as a fantastic gift to suppliers, clients, and award ceremonies. Let your organization staff know how valued they are without incurring a tremendous financial cost by getting custom coins from the experts.