8 Safety Tips For New Scientist In The Lab


It is customary for each and every new scientist to be grilled thoroughly
especially on the importance of lab safety rules. The latter is so simply
because a miscalculation can lead to fatal accidents. Here are some of the
most important lab safety rules new scientists are required to adhere to:


Familiarize with the laboratory

Doing this is important since it’ll help you to know where the fire
extinguisher, safety shower, exit, first aid kit, eye washing station, and
the rest of the equipment are situated.


Reporting any accidents immediately

You should make a habit of reporting any accident as soon as they happen.
This is important since it will stop the incident from exacerbating and
resulting in fatal cases.


No ingestion of any kind while in the lab

As a new scientist, you should make a habit of not eating while in the lab.
This should be sufficient enough to prevent yourself from ingesting
dangerous chemicals that might end up harming you.


Following the instructor’s directions to the latter

As a new scientist, it is virtually impossible for you to have each and
every procedure at the fingertips. And that’s why you’ll be required to
follow everything your instructor tells you to the latter. Doing so will
not only make your work a tad easier but at the same time help you prevent
a lot of accidents from taking place.


Wear a mask while handling gaseous experiments

Making a habit of wearing a mask every time you’re handling gases will go a
long way in helping you stay healthy.


Always have your safety goggles on

Depending on the experiment you’re handling, it is always important for you
to have a pair of safety goggles. Safety goggles are specifically designed
to protect your eyes from injury from different elements.


You should carry your experiments quietly

As a new scientist, you’ll be required to work silently when you’re in the
laboratory. This is simply because noise causes distractions and
distractions cause accidents.


Avoid leaning on laboratory tables

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to foresee the kinds of accidents that
can result from learning against laboratory tables or hanging on laboratory
shelves. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to simply ask for some to be
passed to wherever you are instead of getting it hurriedly.


An inference on lab safety for newbies

All the lab safety rules ought to be taken with a pinch of salt or else
dangerous accidents might occur. It is also important to learn how to relax
while carrying out your respective experiments because panicking will only
increase the likelihood of an accident happening. Last but not least,
always remember to clean up before and after attending the lab.