How to Help Your Kids Fundraising Efforts

Have you been asked to help your kids with their fundraising efforts this year? It can be difficult trying to figure out the best way to go about it. There are a few tips to make your (and your child’s) life easier.

The first thing you’ll definitely want to do is make a list of who you and your child are going to ask to donate to your effort. Most likely, you’ll have friends and family on that list. A good rule of thumb is to only ask people to donate to an effort once a year. Folks will be more willing to donate to your efforts more frequently if they aren’t asked multiple times a year. Also, try to be considerate of people’s personal life (if you’re aware of it). You don’t want to ask someone that you know is having money problems, for example. You can also put local stores and restaurants on that list as well. Community plays a huge role in local businesses especially those small mom-and-pop type establishments. If your fundraising effort will be benefiting the community (maybe for school, recreation programs, etc.) they will be more willing to donate.

You’ll also want to create a “why” that you are going to tell the people you are asking. Why should they donate to your cause? Will it benefit them in any way? Most likely the fundraising will be for your child’s school and who doesn’t like helping out schools? Let them know that this will benefit all families with kids that go, or will go, to school. Maybe it will help out with after school activities, or art programs. Write out a few responses to questions someone may ask you and your child about the effort you’re supporting. Your child should be heavily involved in this process. They really should be the one doing all the talking. Help them practice by asking them questions and try to have them focus on an emotional tone of voice. You’ll get many more donations if people know you’re truly passionate about your efforts.

Lastly, keep track of all those donations in a spreadsheet online or on paper. I’m sure the fundraising committee will give you paperwork to help keep track, but it’s a good idea to have your own copy as well. Be sure to keep note of addresses because sending a thank you card is an excellent way of guaranteeing future donations!

Don’t let the thought of fundraising scare you away. Having your kid be a charitable person is a wonderful quality, and you’ll want to show them that it isn’t scary or hard. Having a detailed plan will help you and your child along the way.