How to Have a Safe and Fun First Shooting Range Experience

Going to the shooting range can be a bit intimidating for newbies. It’s noisy, and guns can be perceived as scary. However, the shooting range should be a fun time. As long as you’re safe, you will learn more about guns and how to use them properly. Here are some tips on how to have a safe and fun first shooting range experience.

1. Wear the appropriate clothes

You don’t want to go to the gun range in a lowcut dress and strappy heels. You need footwear that’s going to cover and protect your feet while also giving you a good fir, grip with the ground. Try boots. If you don’t have boots, wear a sturdy pair of sneakers. You also want to wear something that will protect your skin from the hot cases flinging back at your after you shoot. Otherwise, you might end up with a burn.

2. It’s okay to need help

You’re not expected to know everything your first time at the range. Don’t be afraid to tell the staff that it’s your first time. This will give them a heads up that you might need more help than some of the seasoned shooters. If you do find yourself confused, it’s best to ask fro help than just guess. Guns, as you know, can be dangerous. You don’t want to handle them improperly. Always ask if you have a question. Don’t worry about looking like an amateur.

3. Always consider a gun to be loaded

Any time you touch a gun, you should assume that it is loaded. This will prevent you from making a tragic mistake. Whether you were told a gun doesn’t have bullets in it or not, assume that it does. That means you should always hold it away from people. You also shouldn’t touch the trigger until you’re ready to actually shoot it. You also shouldn’t handle it carelessly.

4. Learn the rules

There are rules at every shooting range. While most of the rules remain consistent, some will change. Take the time to learn the rules at your shooting range so you don’t break the rules while you’re there.

Every person should learn how to shoot a gun. It’s a skill that you can take with you for the rest of your life. If necessary, you’ll be prepared if you come into contact with an intruder.